Media is a sophisticated worldwide industry that needs specialist legal advice. Media means many things to people, TV, Films, music and the internet, including YouTube. We are a specialist law firm who advise people working in the media industry, and those who do business with them and on the deals that they do. We act for both media people and any companies that do business in the media industry.

Media law is broken down into many different categories, and media law firms need to have specialist skills and knowledge to practice in this sector. We have the expertise, the skills and the professionalism to advise you in media law throughout England and Wales.

Reputation Management

Nothing is more important than a person’s reputation. With the advent of the satellite TV, the internet and social media, a slur, a false accusation or even fake news can travel around the world in seconds and have a long-lasting effect throughout a person’s career.


Defamation is centred around a statement that has been published, which has caused harm or is likely to cause serious harm to a person’s reputation. The statement might have been seen on the TV, newspaper or even the internet.

Talent agencies

Reality TV has become very popular, and it’s no longer the case that only professional actors engage the services of talent agencies. More often than not, reality TV programmes star unknown individuals, and it is on the back of this platform which catapults their career.

Social media

Whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube, or Snapchat, the reality is, in the digital age we live in means that businesses communicate through one of these outlets for marketing campaigns so they can generate widespread brand awareness and develop online communities.

Contract & Employment Law

Employment relationships are at the heart of any business and If you get this wrong, it can lead onto a long and costly dispute that can affect the reputation of a company.