The internet and satellite TV has grown the sports industry and it’s now bigger than ever, it’s a sophisticated multi-billion pound business that requires specialist sports law advice. Sports is growing and we’re seeing new sports that weren’t in this country just a few years ago.

We are a specialist sports law firm who advise both sports people, and those who do business with them. We advise on a range of issues including disputes and contracts. We act for both the sports people, companies and agents that do business in this large industry.

Sports law is broken down into many small categories, and sports law firms need to have the specialist skills and knowledge to practice in this sector. We have the expertise, the skills and the professionalism to advise you in sports law throughout England and Wales.

Disciplinary & Regulatory

Disciplinary & regulatory proceedings in sport are always under the spotlight. Never has more been at stake in terms of sporting integrity, profile, reputation and money.

Contract & Employment Law

Employment relationships are at the core of professional sports. Above the complexities of employment law, are a whole raft of regulations created by the unique nature of the sports industry, this adds to the need for specialist advice.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

We act in all kinds of disputes and have experience with all types of tribunal, court or Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms.

Amateur Clubs & Grassroots

Sports participation is widespread in the UK. There are the same challenges for amateur clubs as there are for professional clubs and grassroots clubs. Participants will always remain the most significant component of any sport, and perhaps the most important.

Rule K Arbitrations

The Football Association have different rules for deciding disputes in what’s known as ‘Rule K Arbitrations.’


The landscape of anti-doping controls changes frequently, and both athletes and governing bodies are coming under increasing pressure to comply with the regimes that evolve.

Sports Resolution

Sports Resolutions is an organisation that deals with disputes involved in participants in sport. Working with Sports Resolutions requires knowledge, experience and skill.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) refers to ways of resolving disputes in sports that don’t involve going to court. The government is encouraging easier access to ADR because it can best for all parties.

Reputation Management

Nothing is more important than a person’s reputation. With the advent of the satellite TV, the internet and social media, a slur, a false accusation or even fake news can travel around the world in seconds and have a long-lasting effect throughout a person’s career.