Businesses face challenges even before they’ve opened their doors right through to retirement, succession or the sale of the business. We advise small and medium-sized enterprises, throughout their commercial journey.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Disputes can spill over from the workplace, the boardroom or the internet and into the Courts without much notice.

Debt Recovery and Pricing Information

Recovering debt is a widespread problem in a business where you have done all the challenging work, and you are still waiting to be paid.

Professional Negligence

We have many years of experience drafting bespoke agreements, regulating expectations and duties of partners, protecting investments, how to deal with a deadlock or what to do when someone wants to exit the business. Or how to value the business, and what to do in the case of improper or illegal actions and much more.

Partnership, LLP & Shareholder Agreements

In an ideal world, this would be put in place from day one, but we all know the realities of life means this may not always be possible.

Contract & Employment Law

Employment relationships are at the heart of any business and If you get this wrong, it can lead onto a long and costly dispute that can affect the reputation of a company.


Unfortunately, in this economic downturn, insolvency has become a fact of life for many businesses.

Winding-up Petitions

Once a winding-up petition has been advertised in the London Gazette, the company’s bank will freeze the account causing serious problems for the company as well as alerting other creditors to support the Petition.


Being made bankrupt has severe consequences for the individual. Not only does it affect their credit rating for six years and ability to borrow, but they may also lose their possessions or their home, lose their jobs as well as lose control of their finances to a trustee.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) refers to ways of resolving disputes that don’t involve going to court. The government is encouraging easier access to ADR in business because it can be best for all parties.

Reputation Management

Nothing in business is more important than a person’s reputation. With the advent of the satellite TV, the internet and social media, a slur, a false accusation or even fake news can travel around the world in seconds and have a long-lasting effect throughout a person’s career.