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At our boutique law firm, we focus on providing specialised legal services in the areas of commercial, media and sports law.

Whether you’re an athlete, entertainer, entrepreneur, or corporation, our team of highly experienced lawyers are dedicated to delivering effective and tailored solutions to help you achieve your goals and protect your interests.

With our deep knowledge and understanding of these industries, we can provide the guidance and representation you need to navigate complex legal challenges and capitalise on opportunities.

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Kind words from valued customers


Gyles Seward

Bringing in Richard (and the Front Row team) in at the 11th hour to help with a partnership dispute and shareholder sale, he hit the ground running and was able to provide invaluable insight and practical legal advice to the situation.

Adopting a balanced and fair approach, Richard has a vast knowledge of business legal matters and can see beyond the matter at hand looking at the bigger picture. In my instance Richard was quite literally a life saver and helped push on the matter to a resolve that was balanced and fair to both parties. In particular Richard provided excellent advice on guarantees and ensuring the outcome provided security for myself.

Unique in his approach in the legal world, Richard doesn’t let you down, makes himself available and is compassionate. My recommendation would be to get Richard and the Front Row team involved as soon as possible, you’ll not look back.

James Whewell

In 2020 I was looking forward to my weddings business having its best year to date. Instead, the government lockdowns saw the industry brought to its knees, with no weddings allowed to take place and multiple legal challenges being mounted against wedding venue owners (owing to the CMA issuing incorrect legal advice).

Front Row Legal guided me through the three years of extremely tough trading conditions and successfully saw me to the finish line. I would not be where I am today without the support of Richard and his team. It has been invaluable.

Wyresdale Park
Charlie Savage

I came to Richard Cramer and the team at Front Row Legal with an issue in regard to the misuse of my private information, this was resolved speedily, efficiently and a settlement was achieved swiftly. I will be recommending Front Row Legal to my teammates if they have any issues, the service was first class.


Richard Cramer held our hand through a complicated Film Contract with 72 Films for a Netflix Production. We were complete novices and he liaised with the Production company on our behalf. His service was speedy, thorough and accurate. He kept us informed each step of the way. We would not hesitate to engage Richard’s services again in the future.

72 Films