Super Injunctions

A judicial committee has been set up to investigate the use of "Super Injunctions" - the gags on the press which newspapers or any other media are not even allowed to acknowledge the existence of.

We understand the committee will consist of judges, two press representatives, but also two specialist law firms in London who use Super Injunctions.

The Master of the Rolls, Lord Neuberger, will chair the committee which will look into the controversial process which only comes to light when successfully challenged.

We have seen the use of Super Injunctions to suppress news of of a parliamentary question related to oil trading company Trafigura and the alleged dumping of toxic waste on the Ivory Coast. Another high profile use of the Super Injunction was when John Terry sought a Super Injunction to prevent the publication of his affair with Wayne Bridge’s ex-girlfriend.

The Judiciary Communications Office said:

"The Master of the Rolls has set up a committee to examine the issues around the use of injunctions which bind the Press and so-called 'Super Injunctions'. This follows the recent report by the Culture, Media and Sports Committee's report on press standards, privacy and libel, and concerns expressed to the Judiciary."

Published April 20, 2010

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