Partnership, LLP & Shareholder Agreements

Prevention is better than a cure. We have many years of experience drafting bespoke agreements, regulating expectations and duties of partners, protecting investments, how to deal with a deadlock or what to do when someone wants to exit the business. Or how to value the business, and what to do in the case of improper or illegal actions and much more.

In an ideal world, this would be put in place from day one, but we all know the realities of life means this may not always be possible.

Majority of contractual disputes centre around the meaning of a contract. When there’s no written contract, it becomes an open minefield, breeds uncertainty and exposes you to significant costs when things have gone wrong. It’s far better to take control and have clear agreements in place that cover every business eventuality setting out rights and obligations in any situation before it happens.


We’re not like many other law firms; we only practice law in a few specialist areas that require skill, knowledge and experience. Call or email for a no obligation chat with one of our partners.
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