Pricing Transparency

We believe in price transparency, and the price we charge for our services is important to us, so talk to the lawyer dealing with your matter about the different pricing models we can offer you.

The pricing model will depend on the work we do for you; for example, for some work, an estimate might be best. We can give you an estimate for what we think the work is likely to cost. We then carefully record the time, and if we believe the cost is expected to exceed the estimate, we will let you know. You can then decide how you proceed, including modifying the project.

Or we might be able to give you a fixed price for your work. If it takes longer than we thought and ends up costing more money, we will bear the extra cost. The fixed priced model may not appropriate for all work.

Some of our clients prefer to pay for the work we are doing ‘by the hour’ in which case we let you know how we charge for our different services. We are happy to look at all the options available with you.

If you would like further information on pricing on debt recovery, employment and residential property matters, see:

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Engagement Letter

To avoid any confusion, we will send you an ‘Engagement Letter‘ before we start any work. The letter will have a description of the work we have agreed to do for you and the terms for payment. Before signing the ‘Engagement Letter,’ you can contact us if you have any questions.