Unfortunately, in this economic downturn, insolvency has become a fact of life for many businesses and the business of sport is no different.

Many sporting clubs, particularly in rugby and football, have recently found themselves in insolvency situations, often leading to a deduction of points and inevitable relegation.

We have an understanding of the different forms of insolvency, including administrations, winding-up Proceedings and the modern way of rescuing businesses through pre-packs. We have excellent connections with insolvency practitioners that specialise in sport, and we are equipped to advise companies through the process.


Sports Law Services

Disciplinary & Regulatory

Disciplinary & regulatory proceedings in sport are always under the spotlight. Never......

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Contract & Employment Law

Employment relationships are at the core of professional sports. Above the complexities...

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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Disputes can spill over from the field of play, the boardroom or the dressing room........

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Amateur Clubs & Grassroots

Sports participation is widespread in the UK. There are the same challenges for amateur...

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Rule K Arbitrations

Rule K arbitrations require unique skill and knowledge which we have to deal with on......

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Drugs in sport is a problem that may never go away. Unless it is handled correctly........

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Sports Resolution

Sports Resolutions is an organisation that deals with disputes involved in participants in

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

ADR refers to ways of resolving disputes in sports that don’t involve going to court....

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Many sporting clubs, particularly in rugby and football, have recently found themselves...

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Reputation Management

We work with anyone affected by reputation management issues and will help......

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