Robina Hussein | Partner

Robina has had many years of experience working with high-profile and complex commercial litigation and has had success in the High Court and Business and Property Courts. She has advised a diverse client base from local owner-managed businesses to high profile professional sports people.

Robina’s most recent experience includes:

  • Multi-million pound claim for civil fraud, overpayment of shares, breach of fiduciary duties, diverted business, knowing assistance, money had and received, breach of database rights, infringement and misuse of confidential information.
  • Freezing Injunctions and Prohibitory Injunctions.
  • Claims for sport players, coaches and clubs including contract disputes, wrongful dismissal and debt recovery.
  • Successfully resolving a high value shareholders dispute at mediation.
  • Numerous interim applications including bankers books evidence, committal, summary judgment/strike out and specific disclosure.
  • Many enforcement applications and Part 8 claims including charging orders on land and securities, orders for sale, writ of control, debtor to attend court for questioning, third party debt orders, delivery up.
  • Detailed assessment proceedings and Court of Appeal proceedings.


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